Toward the Creation of the Human Rights-based Culture

The Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute was set up in 1994, as a research foundation authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Currently, the Institute has approximately 100 researchers including full-time researchers, visiting researchers and part-time researchers, and achievements of the group as well as individual research projects are published in the Annual Report and Bulletin of Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute.

It studies on primary issues about human rights in the world through workshops held every month in each Research Division: Research Division on International Human Rights Protection System, Research Division on DOWA System, Research Division on Human Rights of Foreign Residents in Japan, Research Division on the Human Rights of Women and Research Division on the theory and methodology of Human Rights Education. The results of these research activities are reflected in the seminars and series of lectures of "Human Rights College" as well as seminars on Historical Places and Sites which concern Human Rights, and Seasonal Pamphlets "Globe" . Fortunately the Institute is highly evaluated and its future activities attract attention of many Kyoto residents. The Institute has made effort for compilation and publication of various books including Kyotojinkenrekishikiko (Essays on Historical Places in Kyoto from Human Rights Perspective), Jinkenrekishinenpyo (Historical Chronology on Human Rights), Sanjyo•Syomoji•Maimainokenkyu (Research on Sanjyo, Syomoji and Maimai). Moreover, the institute further engages in human rights enlightenment activities for students, employees and citizens through its researchers and volunteer tour guides.

The Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute was established in Kyoto in 1994 as part of the 1200th anniversary project for the construction of Heian Kyo, the ancient capital of Kyoto. While the creation of the human rights-based culture has exerted significant influence over the history and culture of Kyoto, public concern about human rights problem was regrettably quite insufficient in the 1100th anniversary project for the construction of Heian-Kyo. Taking over this remaining issue, it was considered essential to establish the Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute as part of the 1200th anniversary project for the construction of Heian Kyo. In consideration of our achievements through its research activities in two decades, the Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute now has a high reputation as an irreplaceable research organization in Asia from both domestic and international perspectives.

In addition, although there had been a facility problem since the foundation of the institute, the workplace environment was improved because of the realization of the relocation of the institute in October 2010, thanks to support from all concerned. Especially, on the first floor there is the Human Rights Library and we welcome visitors to access its rich book collection related to human rights.

The 21st century is referred to as the century for human rights. For the creation of such a century, everyone has to increase the understanding of human rights issues and acquires practical skills required to solve these issues.The Institute longs for further understanding and cooperation for its activities which will contribute to the creation of the century for human rights and the human rights-based culture, in order to benefit every person in the world.